OMINA is a balanced living online store, established in 2020. OMINA women approach living and all of it's paths from a nurturing perspective. OMINA offers a way to embrace life positively, inspire awareness, honesty, and inner wisdom with an proactive outlook that is useful for all women. 

Cristina, a Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Therapist and Giovanna, a Yoga Instructor, both from Puerto Rico, unite to share with others what they believe is a good alternative to maintain wellbeing. Inspired by the beauty in women from diverse cultures, OMINA embraces the changes women go through and the willingness to live from a place of love, for themselves, others, and the world! 

OMINA trusts in the power of unity, using our willingness to assist. This is how OMINA community is born, inspired by all women that live confidently, and courageously. Recognizing that we are all in a constant learning journey of how our minds, bodies, and souls find balance within us and our environment. We are continuously discovering ways to gain understanding about who we are.  OMINA living is developed with this purpose, searching for products that can help us guide, enhance and accompany our wellness journey.

OMINA is proud to offer a mindful lifestyle for all women who want to express joy for life!

OMINA motivates us to embrace life!

*Visit OMINA Mind, Body and Soul  community, a space where we share useful  knowledge to practice a healthy lifestyle, through holistic wellness, which includes nutrition, mindfulness, self-care, and staying active.